Applying BIM at Landmark 81 project

Applying BIM at Landmark 81 project Blog
The Landmark81 building, invested by Vingroup, is expected to have an estimated height of 461m, including 81 floors, built at the center of Vinhomes Central Park, right on the banks of the Saigon River. This is a complex project with a total construction floor area of 141,000 m2, including functional spaces such as hotels, serviced apartments, Oficetel commercial apartments, shopping centers and restaurants, bars, floors. observe...
 In particular, the 5-star hotel + Vinpearl has a scale of about 450 rooms with the most luxurious presidential room, an area of ​​up to 1,000 m2 with a 360-degree view around the city. System of about 900 high-class serviced apartments Vinhomes and high-end Oficetel commercial apartments, including 5-star standard serviced apartments and 6-star super-luxury serviced apartments with an area of ​​400 m2 with 180-degree viewing angle. The restaurant and the Sky bar on the 66 and 67 floors have a 360-degree view.
The building is designed by Atkins - a unit designed for the world's leading projects such as Bahrain World Trade Center, King Abdulaziz International Airport in Saudi Arabia, Lotus Hotel in Shanghai ... undertaking. The structural part of the building is Arup - one of the leading enterprises, famous for designing the Sydney Opera House or the Center Pompidou project in Paris ...

Another unique architectural highlight of Landmark 81 is that the roof of undulating "bamboo tubes" is used to create a green space with sightseeing and resting functions ... Down below, the magnificent Saigon seems to be just a quiet space. All the noise and haste seemed to disappear, instead feeling relaxed with the green trees and the wind of the Saigon River to contemplate and slow down. The wonderful relaxation between a meandering piano music, a cup of afternoon tea in a fully equipped outdoor space, underneath the immense green of trees and swimming pool stretches extremely far. Investment Vingroup wants to give to its customers.

High-class health care place

Outstanding designs inside the building:
• Green buildings save most energy
• European standard clean water system will be provided to each apartment
• Excellent infrastructure of Vinhomes Central Park with designs close to nature
Landmark 81 was honored the world's best high-rise building 2016, at the International Property Awards
BIM application on The Landmark building project
The Landmark project was started in 7/2016 and is scheduled to open at the end of 2017, with the participation of the parties:


Công ty CPĐT Xây dựng Tân Liên Phát

Project Management Board Vinhome Central Park

Công ty TNHH Quản lý Xây dựng Vincom 1

Project management consultancy

Công ty TNHH Mace Việt Nam

Construction contractor


The building has a complex steel structure, especially the floor system moving from the 4th floor to the top of the 6th floor. 
Coteccons contractor has applied BIM to the project to deal with detailed design of complex locations, scope of application for the entire rough construction of the structural framework. The project has a structural system combining both reinforced concrete and steel composite.
Column steel details intersecting with the 6th floor transfer girder

Shopdrawing drawings of steel columns intersecting with transfer beams on the 6th floor

Applicable details:
In order to solve the details of the intersection design and the construction order and installation between the steel column intersecting with the transfer beam at the column head system of the 6th floor. This is the area of ​​a complex structural system, the structural shape is not typical but oblique, intersection between reinforced concrete and composite steel. Coteccons applied Tekla structure software to the design and coordination of regional structural systems, and the application has gained many benefits, helping the contractor themselves to come up with the optimal design solution, expected to be submitted. Efficiently install and self-construct and export high-precision design blueprints directly from the Tekla model.
With an area with a high density of steel, interwoven dimensions and many types of structures, the application of traditional design methods will be difficult to achieve high efficiency in the solution and information coordination between the design team and the team. public.


Modeling of steps to be done on site

The steps taken on site are simulated with models. Stakeholders exchange information at all steps, making plans right from the design process. The accuracy and convenience have helped minimize the repair and change steps in the construction process, ensuring both labor safety, construction progress, promoting more efficient and economical construction. indirect costs incurred to investors and parties.


3D model of steel structure system

With the application of the project information model, the construction team outside the construction site did not have many difficulties to complete this rather complex job.


Steel structure of the lift floor moved to the 6th floor

To ensure the stability of the building, the steel structure system for the elevator area is not designed in a normal box shape, but is designed in a Y-shape. currently individually, as the traditional method, the construction team will take a lot to learn and coordinate with the design team, wasting time without ensuring effective coordination.

The Landmark 81 is a world-class project of Vietnam, a project with the national spirit not only is the expectation of the investor and stakeholders, but also the concern of the community. Vietnamese everywhere. We hope that the project will be implemented successfully and completed on schedule. Certainly, with a complex project, the application of BIM will still be a long story behind. We will continue to update ...
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