Online BIM events Ss02 - BIM management resilience during COVID-19

Online BIM events Ss02 - BIM management resilience during COVID-19 Blog
At 10:00 am on April 10, 2020, the second event of the online BIM series will be officially launched, with the content: Sharing best practices in cloud-based SaaS set up for effective BIM coordination during design and pre-construction.

The speaker of this event are Dr. Hung Nguyen, who has had 16 years of advanced research, consulting and implementation of Lean Construction and  Building Information Modeling processes for international and local projects ranging from $10 millions to $2.1 billions. Dr. Hung serve as a Faculty at the University of California, Berkeley where he completed a Doctoral research on using BIM to support Target Value Design. He is now a Director of Research at the Institute for Construction Innovation, Director of VDC at Herrero Builders,  and also a co-founder of the Advanced Estimating and Cost Management program at UC Davis CPE. Dr. Hung has been presenting at conferences and giving lectures nationally and internationally on BIM, Target Value Delivery and Lean Construction knowledge areas.

Approach: Speaker will use contents from projects and several softwares for demonstration only, not to advertise for a particular software or company.


  • Design coordination
  • Pre-construction coordination
  • Updating quantity to the Estimating team
  • Support site management during construction
  • Hardware solutions

Suitable for: BIM Managers, Project Managers, BIM Coordinators, Design Lead

Language: Vietnamese

Details of the event are posted at


Introduction of Online BIM-events:

Lessons of international experience in information communication show that it is essential for organizations and individuals to recognize BIM's importance in order to apply BIM successfully.

According to Decision No. 204 / QD-BXD dated March 21, 2017, of the Minister of Construction, promulgating the Plan for the implementation of the Project "Application of Building Information Model (BIM) in construction and operation management,” Institute of Construction Economics - the standing body of the Steering Committee carries out the task of "Awareness raising and encouraging agencies, organizations and enterprises to apply BIM".

On August 20, 2019, the BIM Academic Forum (BAF) was established. The forum has the participation of universities, colleges, and intermediate technical schools in the whole country with the mission of connecting higher education institutions, other professional training units, and enterprise in the construction industry, creating a shared and collaborative environment in BIM research, training, and deployment in Vietnam.

Facing the complicated situation of the COVID-19 epidemic, the BIM Steering Committee in coordination with the BIM Academic Forum, companies and individuals to implement a series of BIM events online to continue to raise awareness and cooperation sharing in BIM research, training and implementation in Vietnam as well as ensure health safety. The series of BIM online events are designed to deliver rich, suitable content for many participants continuously, the selected topics based on the input of the participants to bring the highest efficiency of knowledge sharing for the BIM community in Vietnam.

The events will be delivered by speakers currently teaching, working at leading universities, companies in Vietnam, as well as countries that have applied BIM successfully, such as the United Kingdom, United States, Singapore ... The schedule and information of online BIM events will be published publicly on the communication channels of the BIM Steering Committee, BAF, and partners.



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